Kick-Start Ethiopia’s Media Council & Self-Regulation

The Swedish Embassy and Fojo Media Institute in collaboration with Nubia Media and Communications held a one-day seminar and workshop on the theme “Kick-start Ethiopia’s Media Council and Self-regulation on February 4, 2019 at the Swedish Embassy.

With guest speakers Mr Ola Sigvardsson, the Swedish Press Ombudsman and Head of the Press Council and Dr Haron Mwangi, former Executive Director of the Kenyan Media Council will share and discuss with you media council models, financial solutions, best practice and lessons learned from the Swedish and Kenyan horizon.

The seminar was intended to create an opportunity to share the Ethiopian experience and the way forward to reviving the media council especially in this time of socio-political change that the country is currently undergoing.

This seminar and workshop is part of a series of workshops organised by the Embassy and Fojo Media Institute to support the ongoing media reform process.