About Us

Nubia is an Addis Ababa, Ethiopia based Pan African Company specializing on but not limited to events, media, communications, technology consultancy, TV/radio/online productions and research services. Nubia also strives to bring African communities, cultures, and youth together to the international stage to be part of the ever-blending globalized world politics and entertainment. We believe that these gatherings and exchanges have the potential to contribute undoubtedly to a successful regional integration endeavor through better knowledge, understanding and exchange of the continent’s populations and what defines their identities.

Additionally, Nubia has been and still is involved in organizing various large and medium scale projects not only locally but also regionally. We have an extensive local and international media, government organisations, NGOs and CSO contacts at our disposal, which makes things easier every time we undertake projects.

Nubia’s staff and team are comprised of different academic and professional backgrounds including journalism, media, productions, information technology, social activism, and research etc. These unique and well-thought blends of professionals that have experience working in both local and international settings have equipped the company to carry out projects that require rigorous planning, meticulous execution, and networking. 

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